Transcription Services


What is transcription?

Transcription is the representation of speech in written form. It should not be confused with translation, which means converting a message from one language into another, or with transliteration, which means representing a text from one script into another (for example a Cyrillic text can be transliterated into the Latin script and vice versa). Our Transcription Services in Manchester are carried out by professional and experienced transcribers.

 What does a transcriber do?

Basically, a transcriber has to listen to a recording and type the content into a document, which is then delivered to the client. Generally, transcribers are asked to deal with interviews (for example for a journalistic article or a research), but they also work in the legal and medical fields, as transcription services can be needed in a number of different situations.

Transcribers need to be able to type very fast and to remain focused on the voice of the speaker for a long time. They must not be distracted by other people’s voices or by background noises that may be heard in the recording. Also the accent of the speaker can represent a difficulty transcribers have to overcome: everyone has his own way of talking, someone can have a peculiar accent (either as a native speaker or as a non-native speaker of one particular language), whereas someone else can have a stammer or other kinds of speech impediments. Professional transcribers have to be able to deal with all these difficulties to carry out their job with utmost accuracy and impartiality.

Transcription may seem a quick task, but, as a matter of fact, it can take a lot of time depending on several factors, such as the number of people talking, the speed at which they talk and the clarity of the recording.

A wide range of transcription services

If you need to have an interview transcribed or a recording turned into text, or if you need a professional transcriber for your legal or medical transcriptions, Manchester Translation Services is willing to offer you a wide range of Transcription Services in Manchester, including:

  • General transcriptions
  • Interview transcriptions
  • Business transcriptions
  • Medical transcriptions
  • Legal transcriptions

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive more information about our Transcription Services in Manchester and across the UK and if you want to obtain a free and no obligation quote, you just need to fill in the form Free Quote Request.