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What is simultaneous interpreting?

In simultaneous interpreting the interpretation of an oral message is transmitted to listeners in real time, while the original speech is still in progress. Simultaneous interpreting is mainly used when one person is speaking in front of an audience, for example in conferences, business meetings, courtrooms, lectures and presentations. Are you looking for Simultaneous Interpreting Services in Manchester or anywhere else in the United Kingdom? Then stop searching: Manchester Translation Services has the right solution for you.

Simultaneous interpreting requires specific audio-visual equipment, namely receivers, headsets and microphones. Simultaneous interpreters work in a sound-proof booth from where they can hear the voice of the speaker via earphones and they deliver the message for the audience through a microphone. At the same time, the audience can listen to the message in the target language via their earphones.

Did you know?

The first time extempore simultaneous interpreting was used, was during the Nuremberg Trials, between November 1945 and October 1946, where four official languages were employed: English, German, French and Russian.

According to a study carried out in 2001 by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), simultaneous interpreting belongs to the category of high-stress professions. Indeed, simultaneous interpreters have to deal with a wide range of difficulties while performing their job, the most common being high speech rate, strong accent of the speakers, lack of preparation time and technical problems connected with the electronic equipment.

Moreover, simultaneous interpreters have to possess perfect knowledge of all the languages they work with, as they can’t afford to make mistakes which might alter the meaning of the original speech. Therefore, they must be sure they understand everything that is being said, in order to transfer the message in the target language without causing unpleasant misunderstanding.

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