Cultural and Language Consultancy Services


In this globalisation era, virtually every business cooperates with foreign partners or works with foreign clients and even the smallest companies have a website to promote their services in their country and abroad. But before starting to do business with foreign customers, you’d better consult a professional provider of Cultural and Language Consultancy Services in Manchester and UK wide, who can help you make informed decisions on all aspects of marketing in a different country.

Manchester Translation Services offers a wide range of Cultural and Language Consultancy Services in Manchester, such as cultural training courses aimed at international organisations as well as public and private companies willing to extend their business abroad. Our cultural consulting team includes qualified language experts coming from all over the world, who are well aware of cultural differences and traditions and will be able to help you building your own marketing campaign. Like our translators and interpreters, all our language experts have been carefully selected over the years, to make sure they are able to advise you about all the linguistic, cultural and social nuances of their native country.

Why cultural and language consultancy services are so important?

The concept of culture is strictly connected with the very concept of humanity, it can vary from one ethnic group to another and has often been – and sometimes still is – the reason for misunderstandings and conflicts between different countries or peoples. A culture does not always correspond to a country, indeed in the same country many different cultures can coexist, in this case they are called subcultures.

The coexistence of a number of subcultures in the same area shows the amount of diversity present on our planet, but in some cases it can represent a problem when it comes to communicating with each other. There can be misunderstanding even between people who speak the same language, so we must be extra careful when dealing with someone who speaks a language different from our own.

For all these reasons, MTS offers a wide range of Cultural and Language Consultancy Services in Manchester and across the UK aimed at helping you dealing with your foreign partners and customers in a professional and appropriate manner. If you need more information about our services, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be ready to answer all your questions. To obtain a free and no obligation quote fill in the form Free Quote Request.