Consecutive Interpreting Services


What is consecutive interpreting?

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter waits until the original speech is finished before delivering the message in the target language. Longer speeches are normally divided into segments, the interpreter sits close to the speaker, taking notes if necessary, and when the speakers pauses, the interpreter renders a portion of the message in the language of the listener. Are you searching for Consecutive Interpreting Services in Manchester or in another city of the United Kingdom? Then you should definitely contact us!

Consecutive interpreting is generally used for small groups or one-on-one meetings, during both formal and informal occasions, such as interviews, court depositions, client-attorney meetings or medical consultations. The client and the professional sit together and the interpreters become the link between the two parties, helping them to communicate with each other.

How to be a good consecutive interpreter

Consecutive interpreters have to possess perfect knowledge of all the languages they work with, as they can’t afford to make mistakes which might alter the meaning of the original speech. Therefore, they must be sure they understand everything that is being said, in order to transfer the message in the target language without causing unpleasant misunderstanding. In addition to this, they also need extremely good memory, as sometimes they have to interpret more than 10 minutes of speech without any interruption.

Professional interpreting services at affordable prices

Manchester Translation Services can provide the services of professional and qualified interpreters for every kind of appointment, from job interviews to court sessions. We provide Consecutive Interpreting Services in Manchester in more than 275 languages, from the most common to the rarest, in Manchester but also all over the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. All our interpreters are reliable and certified professionals, who are specialised in different technical sectors and are able to work under pressure, in order to meet all the requests of our clients.

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If you don’t know whether choosing simultaneous or consecutive interpreting, just send us an email or call us, our friendly staff will be happy to help you make the best decision to suit your needs.