Medical Appointment Interpreting Services


Medical appointment interpreting is one of the most requested services offered by Manchester Translation Services. As a multicultural country receiving immigrants and tourists from all over the world, the United Kingdom guarantees to all non-English speaking patients an efficient service of medical appointment interpreting. In order to do so, it has to use the services of professional interpreting and translation companies: we are one of them. Every day we receive hundreds of requests for Medical Appointment Interpreting Services in Manchester and from across the UK, which we are able to satisfy, thanks to our team of qualified and reliable professional interpreters.

What is medical appointment interpreting?

In medical appointment interpreting, the interpreter allows communication between medical personnel on one side and the patient and his or her family on the other side. Medical interpreters have to be formally educated and qualified to provide such interpretation service, in order to effectively serve both the patient and the medical personnel. They have to possess a deep knowledge of medical procedures and examination processes, ethics and specific medical vocabulary. As well as being the linguistic link between the two parties, medical interpreters also represent a cultural liaison for people who are not familiar with hospital settings in a country different from their own. MTS Interpreters offer excellent Medical Appointment Interpreting Services in Manchester, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Trustworthy and experienced interpreters

At MTS we know that mutual trust is the base of every successful cooperation, that is why we only work with trustworthy and experienced interpreters, who have been carefully selected over the years. Our interpreters are able to create a warm and caring relationship of trust with the patient requesting their services, and often, after the first appointment, the patient asks for that specific interpreter to follow him or her during the whole duration of the therapy.

As part of Absolute Interpreting and Translation Group, MTS can boast over 15 years of successful cooperation with medical care institutions such as the NHS (National Health Service). We provide professional Medical Appointment Interpreting Services in Manchester and UK wide in over 265 languages, in order to satisfy all the requests of our clients. If you work for a hospital or a clinic and you need the services of a professional and qualified medical interpreter, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be willing to satisfy all your requests. To obtain a free and no obligation quote fill in the form Free Quote Request.