Proofreading services


Translation is a very delicate and demanding task, which requires a high level of concentration and precision. It is not always easy to produce a text with no grammatical or spelling mistakes, and noticing our own errors while reading over a document we have translated can be even more difficult. That is why we offer Proofreading Services in Manchester carried out by professional and qualified linguists.

Manchester Translation Services provides quick and efficient Proofreading Services in Manchester and UK wide in order to deliver to its clients only the most accurate and precise translations, in accordance with the high quality standard of the company. In fact, before certifying a completed translation, the document is carefully proofread by our professional linguists to spot any possible mistake. This way, we are sure we deliver to our clients only the most accurate and reliable translations.

 What is proofreading?

The term proofreading refers to the process of checking a text to spot any grammar, syntax or spelling mistakes. Even though most softwares nowadays can automatically notice and correct typographical mistakes, this is not enough to ensure an accurate and errorless work. Moreover, in the world of translation, proofreading also involves checking the vocabulary and the terminology used by the translator.

What does a proofreader do?

The proofreader is the final reader of a translation, the last step before certifying and delivering the document to the client. The proofreader will make sure that the translation is correct under every point of view (vocabulary, grammar, spelling, typesetting, layout) performing a careful quality check. Only after this meticulous job, the translation will be ready to be certified and sent to the client.

Professional and qualified linguists

Our Proofreading Services in Manchester are carried out by professional and qualified linguists, who normally cooperate with the translators in order to guarantee a quick and efficient service, which can be requested also for short-notice translations. We provide proofreading services in more the 275 languages, from the most common European languages to the rarest languages coming from remote corners of the planet.

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