Telephone Interpreting Services in Manchester


What is telephone interpreting? 

Telephone interpreting is a service that allows two or more individuals who do not speak the same language to communicate with each other, thanks to a professional interpreter who provides his or her service over the phone. The interpreter is generally added to a conference call in order to convert the message from one language into another, enabling speaker and listener to understand each other. So, if you need Telephone Interpreting Services in Manchester, we are here to enable communication!

When to use telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting is often used for situations in which the parties are already communicating with each other over the phone, for example for enquiries from customers to businesses. However, this type of interpreting service can also be used to replace on-site interpreting when no interpreter is immediately available, especially in case of emergency. Telephone interpreting is considered a type of consecutive interpreting, since the interpreter has to wait until the speaker pauses before transferring the message into the other language.

Telephone interpreting is a growing field, especially in case of medical emergency. In these situations, patients need to communicate immediately with medical personnel, but it may take time for a professional interpreter to arrive on site. Thanks to telephone interpreting, hospitals can connect with a qualified interpreter quickly, avoiding long delays or potentially dangerous misunderstandings.

Video Remote Interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a particular type of telephone interpreting, which relies on web cameras or videophones to provide visual interpreting services as well as spoken language interpreting services. It is mainly used for British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation, where the deaf person needs to see the interpreter on a screen.

Efficient and quick services

In order to satisfy all the requests of our clients, including the most urgent, Manchester Translation Services offers an efficient and quick Telephone Interpreting Services in Manchester and UK wide in more than 275 languages. You just need to ask, and we will connect you with a professional interpreter within a few minutes. As a professional and experienced provider of translation and interpreting services, we guarantee high-quality services at reasonable prices.

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